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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

G BlooreG Bloore
I can’t fault Stella with anything - she has been outstanding. The lessons were well planned and productive making them productive and enjoyable. She has given me loads of confidence and played a crucial role in me passing the test. The resources provided were again very useful. I can’t praise Stella enough and would recommend her to anyone that would need an instructor.

Erin RobertsErin Roberts
Stella was extremely helpful and patient with me. She took things slow and helped me with my needs i.e using google maps when achieving complicated things, such as multi lane roundabouts. I found the LDC learning videos really helpful as it made it easier for my upcoming lessons. Stella was also helpful when I wasn’t sure on things we would pull over and she would explain in greater detail, overall this has made me a confident driver.

Henry Gibson
Stella is a great instructor who makes use of multiple different methods such as diagrams and street view to help me learn and progress. Also the end of session reviews used helped me massively as they allowed me to pinpoint my weaknesses and what I need to work on. Stella’s teaching style not only helps you acknowledge your mistakes but also helps you learn from them, and also ensures you don’t make them again.

Mae QuinnMae Quinn
I felt very relaxed when driving with Stella, she took the learning process a step at a time which made it easier for me to pick up visually and learn each manoeuvre. I found that the LDC videos online allowed me to look at the details of driving and learnt them in my own time making the lessons easier. If I ever went wrong, we stopped and Stella would talk me through what happened and how I can improve from it. I feel I am now a very confident driver now and have no worries when driving on my own, this is because of the LDC driving lessons and Stella for making me feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Charles Charles
Huge congratulations to Charles on passing his test today! This one is a particularly special pass as you’ve worked so hard and your determination has paid off. If you take these qualities with you through life you won’t go far wrong! Stay safe and enjoy your freedom

To followTo follow
First time pass for Jacob today, very well done and stay safe now you’re free.

Rosie BithellRosie Bithell
Stella was wonderful! All lessons were centred around what I wanted to focus on each lesson. Stella herself was supportive, honest and friendly which made the lessons enjoyable as well as productive. The LDC workbook was great to reflect on my current understanding/ skills and to look at what I needed to develop. Learning to drive is expensive but honestly, Stella was worth every penny!

C Schroder
First impressions from the Instructor were very good. I felt very comfortable within minutes of my lesson because of how polite Stella was and her passion towards her job. She made it quite obvious that she wanted the best for the student and would do her best to provide full value of the lesson. The car used for the lesson was top spec and extremely comfortable. The car was also very clean making the driving experience very good. I’d like to thank my Instructor massively for making sure I was very confident throughout the lesson and also making sure I was more ready then ever! I would definitely recommend my Instructor because of the rapid improvements made to my driving skills and knowledge within the lessons.